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 Manifatture Firenze - Condizioni Generali di Vendita

This site belongs to AP Lab S.r.l.s. a socio unico (hereinafter Manifatture Firenze), with registered office in Via Puccini 259, 50041 Calenzano (FI) (Italy) and is devoted to retail sales. Manifatture Firenze complies with the law governing distance selling (Legislative Decree 185/99) which lays down specific duties for the retailer and equally specific rights for the Customer. We recommend that you read carefully the conditions laid out below, and print or save a copy in a durable format of your choice. The general sales conditions are laid out below.

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  1. Validity: All orders are subject to the general sales conditions. These general sales conditions are deemed as accepted with every order.

  2. Acceptance of orders: the order submitted by the Customer will be binding for Manifatture Firenze only if the entire order process has been completed in a regular and complete manner, without the site showing messages of error or incorrect procedure up to the submission of the order.

  3. Conclusion of the contract: The prices and sales conditions may be subject to changes without notice; the submission of the order on the part of the customer is considered as a contract for the supply of goods, and consequently upon submission the customer subscribes to the conditions in their entirety.
    All orders are subject to rejection, unless they are confirmed in writing or by shipment with invoice.

  4. Handling of orders and shipping: Manifatture Firenze will seek to handle all orders as rapidly as possible. Shipment is made at the risk and charge of the purchaser, except in the case of other method decided by the customer and communicated in writing to Manifatture Firenze.
    The method of shipment and the carrier will be chosen by Manifatture Firenze. Manifatture Firenze shall not be responsible for any delays in transport on the part of the shipping agent or of the Italian postal service.

  5. Products: The features of the products are indicated in the online catalogue and are visible at the time of selection and of the compilation of the order, prior to the completion of the submission process. Any photos present in the catalogue are purely indicative, and not binding. The products may be subject to modification without notice.

  6. Unavailable products: Manifatture Firenze does not guarantee the availability of all the products in the catalogue. Consequently, Manifatture Firenze shall not be in any manner responsible for the temporary non-availability of one or more products.

  7. Non-complying orders: Manifatture Firenze will not accept orders bearing general sales conditions different from those indicated herein.
    Orders which are non-compliant or incomplete will not be taken into consideration.

  8. Prices: All the prices shown in EURO for the EC (Community) market include Italian VAT. All the prices shown for the non-EC market (rest of the world) are valid solely for customers outside the European Community.

  9. Payments: Manifatture Firenze accepts the following methods of payment: payment into Post Office account, bank credit transfer, or credit card payment through the PayPal circuit. In some countries cash on delivery is accepted. For details, contact our customer service.

  10. Transfer of ownership: All the articles shipped by Manifatture Firenze remain the property of the same until they have been paid for in full.

  11. Guarantee: Manifatture Firenze guarantees its products against defects of manufacture for two years. The guarantee does not cover wear, tampering or incorrect use or installation.

  12. Replacement: Manifatture Firenze reserves the right to replace, in whole or in part, the products which are the subject of sale. Repairs may be made with reconditioned parts or products which, even if not necessarily identical to the defective products sold, are in any case equivalent to new parts and products in terms of function and aesthetics.

  13. Right to withdraw: In accordance with art. 4 of the legislative Degree no. 50 dated 15/01/1992 the purchaser may exert the right to withdraw by giving written communication by means of registered letter within 7 days of receipt of the merchandise. The customer must arrange, at his or her own expense, for the return of the goods complete with all parts and in packaging which is whole and sealed. The merchandise will be inspected, and if found to be whole and without damage, the amount paid will be returned or the article replaced with another at the customer's choice. Manifatture Firenze will not accept the return of articles which have been worn or washed.
    Manifatture Firenze will not accept the return of special products, or those ordered on the customer's specifications which are not present in the catalogue. Merchandise that is returned cash on delivery will be rejected.
    Shipping costs are not charged for replacement. In accordance with Decree Law no. 50 dated 15/1/92, for purchases of less than € 50 no refund is envisaged.

  1. Personal data: Law Lgs. 196 of 2003 lays down the provisions for the protection of personal data; the data collected shall be utilised exclusively for administrative and commercial purposes in compliance with current legislation. The data may be erased at any time at the customer's request. The collection and processing of the customer's data is essential in the case of the customer wishing to place an order for products, or to access special services (in such cases a refusal on the part of the customer will make it impossible to handle the order or provide access to the service) while in all other cases it is optional.

    The customer's data will be processed in written form and on electronic, telematic, magnetic and paper support; the data will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the contract, including the operations of payment and delivery of the products ordered, to comply with the obligations laid down by the law or by the competent Authorities and, upon explicit authorisation, for purposes of interactive commercial and promotional information and market research.

    The customer's data may be communicated to employees of Manifatture Firenze.

    The customer's data shall not be disseminated or communicated to third parties which are not employees of Manifatture Firenze, except in the case of entities which are necessary or functional to the performance of the contractual activities of Manifatture Firenze: banks for the management of payments, shipping agents for the transport of the purchased products to the place indicated by the customer, and third parties that perform activities essential to the provision of the services which the customer has requested or authorised Manifatture Firenze to supply.

    The data controller and processor is: AP Lab S.r.l.s. a socio unico, with registered office in Via dei Tessitori, 46 - 50041 Calenzano (FI). Tel. 336 566849. Vat number 06673480486, Preliminary Business Register no. FI 647282, Florence Chamber of Commerce.

  1. Know-how: The customer expressly acknowledges that the name of Manifatture Firenze, its graphic composition and the know-how relating to the products are the intellectual and industrial property of Manifatture Firenze. Under no circumstances may the customer utilise, erase or remove any indication relating to the patents, trademarks, commercial names or details of origin applied by Manifatture Firenze to the products supplied, without the prior written authorisation of Manifatture Firenze.

  2. Inaccuracies: Manifatture Firenze assumes no responsibility whatsoever for inaccuracies or omissions in relation to the contents of other web pages linked with its own site and designed to facilitate consultation (directly, through links to the site of the manufacturer/distributor), including charts, images, descriptions, or anything else contained in such offsite pages.

  3. Competent court: For any controversy whatsoever which may arise from the finalisation and/or performance of the sales contract, the parties expressly agree upon the exclusive competence of the Court of Florence.

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