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Aged calf leather strap 1942 ..
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The quintessential art city, known by the Romans as “Florentia” (the flourishing), the birthplace of Dante and Machiavelli, embellished by the works of Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, Botticelli and Giotto, to mention but a few.

As far back as the thirteenth century, the craft workshops of the city were refining their expertise in the varied spheres of printing and paints, glues and woods, yarns and leather.

The cultural and artistic heritage, unique in Europe and in the world, which has its roots in the Middle Ages and reached the height of its splendour in the Renaissance, is now the rightful possession of the present inhabitants of this wonderful city.

And this is where Manifatture Firenze has become a consolidated reality, with all the features of a major craft workshop in the very finest Florentine tradition, a creative centre built up over several generations, with constant passion and ever expanding experience and skill.

For some time now, wafting in the air of its workshops is the desire to create something truly extraordinary...

Manifatture Firenze is aimed at those who intend to stand out from the crowd, with supreme elegance.

If it is true that there are products which are universally recognised as a synonym of class, Manifatture Firenze superbly enhances these precious objects, in a combination which clearly reflects the ambitions of the most demanding Customer: synthesising the utmost prestige and sophisticated modernity in a blend which is truly worthy of note.

All the articles are produced by the skilled hands of expert craftsmen, with meticulous attention to both technical and aesthetic aspects, in harmony with the Italian design which is today a synonym of excellence.

As a result of the professionalism and supreme dedication, the rigidly meticulous selection of the leathers, the attention to detail and finish and the quality of the materials, the accessories produced by Manifatture Firenze can satisfy all echelons of taste, from the most refined to the most casual, while consistently offering its customers the luxury of making them feel privileged.

Don't miss this opportunity to distinguish yourself, allow yourself to be amazed by a tradition in step with the times, occasionally even innovative, which successfully conveys the undeniable prestige of a little work of art, in a target of the very highest level, where clean, essential lines but with marked personality, are the synthesis of a product that is truly unique, designed for you who love to feel like the star... the Star of your own Time!

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